Deacons and Deaconess Ministry

The Role of
the Deacon

All followers of Jesus are to serve by providing ministry in his name.

The title diakonos (servant) applies to every Christian, but the apostle Paul also used it in a special sense for specific church Leaders.  (Phil 1:1 Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ; 1 Tim. 3:8-13 ). Translators chose not to translate literally in those situations but made a new English word Deacon from the Greek word servant. Consequently, Deacons carry both the name of Christ, and the name of servant.


The high qualifications for the pastor and deacons found in Timothy 3-18 clearly indicate that the New Testament churches looked to those church leaders for examples in Christian living.  This continues to be true in churches today.  The congregation looks to its' pastor and deacons to serve as models both in their quality of life and in their active ministry.  The Deacons assist the Senior Pastor in the Ministry of the church.

Deacons should meet the following qualifications:
Must be a member of FBCC and in good standing
Must Participate in church programs
Must Tithe
Must attend monthly meetings of the Deacon Board
Receive training and preparation for effective ministry
Serve Holy Communion to the Congregation
Serve Holy Communion to the sick and shut ins
Conduct Devotion
Assist in caring for the needs of the church members


The selection of Deacons is one of the most important events in the life of our church.  The process of selecting Deacons can be a meaningful experience for the congregation, for the Deacon chosen, and his family.   FBCC's selection of Deacons is rooted in Scripture and church tradition.  Deacons are appointed by the Senior Pastor and approved by the congregation.  Deacons are expected to be both Biblically qualified and committed to the Deacon Ministry.

Rev. George W. Daniels, Senior Pastor

Family Care

Christian Education

The Role of
the Deaconess

The office of Deaconess is one of ministry and service to Jesus Christ through His church.

EligibilityDeaconesses are chosen by Pastor Daniels and/or are the wife's of the Deacons

They are full of the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:3,5)
Full of wisdom (Acts 6:3)
Full of faith (Acts 6:5)
Worthy of respect, not a malicious gossip, but temperate and faithful in everything  (1 Tim 3:10)

Roles in the Church:

  • Communion
On the 1st Saturday of the month (the Saturday before 1st Sunday) the communion trays have to be filled and set up for communion service.

  • Baptism
To assist the candidates in preparing for baptism.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance
Cleaning and maintaining the clothing, towels and other garments used during baptismal.

  • Clean Up
After morning worship is over the communion table has to be cleared and reset.  The trays and plates need to be transported from the sanctuary to the kitchen.

The table cloth is to be neatly folded and placed on a hanger.  The trays are washed and dried.  Cups are then put into the trays in preparation for the next months Communion service.  The trays are then stored in the communion cabinet in the church office.

The Deaconess Ministry is also responsible for setting up for the Seder, which is held every Lenten season.  The Deaconess Ministry is responsible for choosing the Mother of the Year in May.  As well as hosting the annual Senior Saints Luncheon held in December.

  • Visitation
Deaconesses accompany their husbands when they go out to administer communion to the sick and shut in.  We also visit our members during hospitalizations, bereavement etc.  On occasion we prepare meals for those we visit.

  • Feeding/Clothing the Homeless
The Deaconesses are encouraged to participate and support the Feeding and Homeless Ministries in place at FBCC.

  • Meetings
Meetings are usually one hour before the Joint Board Meetings that are held bi-monthly.  If there are issues that require our immediate attention, we have a Called Meeting.

  • Training
We recently held a Deaconess Workshop that gave us insight as to what our role as Deaconess is.  (Rom 16:1-2)

As well as a training session to go over the procedures that are required for our position.  (i.e., Communion, Baptism, etc.)

  • Our Future Plans
To work closely with the Mother’s Ministry as well as be readily available to assist the church body as needed.